Šelda Puķīte

Šelda Puķīte is a Latvian art critic, curator and researcher living in Estonia. She has studied art history in Art Academy of Latvia receiving both Bachelor and Master degree. Šelda’s special interest is projects which examines the contact-points between sociopolitical issues, mass culture and art executed through interdisciplinary research and whimsical presentation. For the last years she has been working on several important exhibition projects, curating educational programs and creating catalogues for art festivals, as well as participating both in local and international discussion boards, symposiums and lectures and writing reviews and essays for Baltic press and publications.

Indrek Grigor works as a curator at the Tartu Art Museum. He is an art critic for a number of publications in the Baltic's, a podcaster and radio host at Estonian National Radio, an occasional lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu University and at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences. He has studied semiotics and art history at the Tartu University. He has prior worked as the gallery manager of Tartu Art House.
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Tartu Art Museum
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